Toxic Triangle

Toxic Triangle

Toxicity is a major contributor to physical and mental illness and, as such, must be recognised and treated before more traditional holistic treatments can work effectively.

Natural Practices is pleased to offer, direct from the United States, the Toxic Triangle’ programme. This is a revolutionary, non-invasive method for assessing your toxicity rating and visually depicting this as a scaled triangle.

During the Assessment, three separate readings will be taken using the Health Detective Screening System: Toxic Load, Reaction Index and Organ Fatigue.

These readings will be plotted on a graph to form a triangle, the shape and size of which graphically reflects your toxicity status. Basically the larger the triangle, the more toxic you are; the smaller the triangle the clearer you are.

The personalised detox programme incorporates the use of advanced remedies to neutralise and eliminate toxins from your body. With subsequent Screenings as your toxicity reduces, you will be able to see your triangle size diminish.

High levels of toxicity can severely inhibit the uptake of vital body maintaining nutrients as well as drain the immune system and body’s energy and produce a downward spiral of ill health.

It has been found that in severely toxic people, many foods and even nutritional supplements will be treated as toxic by the body.


See The Health Detective – Toxic Triangle

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