Environmental Sensitivities

Environmental Sensitivities

Environmental Sensitivities are never just as uncomplicated as identifying and avoiding things within the environment. These sensitivities occur in the first place due to digestive disturbance, often beginning at childhood, but can suddenly appear as an adult.

Removing known allergens from the environment can be quite a challenge but may be possible with some items. One thing that we all have control over is our diet.

In 100% of cases we have treated, there has either been a deficiency of key nutrients, a food intolerance, or both.

Many people have deficiencies in the body’s first line of defence – digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid!

If the body is expending all its energy on digesting food, the immune system is left to go a little awry and can start reacting to foods as well as environmental agents. Environmental sensitivities can be things that you inhale, ingest or contact and so these are all checked alongside daily foods.

We check 44 substances including: Pet hair, Rubber, Silk, Wasps/Bees, Grass / Tree Pollens, House dust mite.

A short detoxification period may be advised together with the avoidance of intolerant food (if any) and a correct supplementation programme suggested.

We have had enormous success in helping people who suffer from hayfever (allergic rhinitis), contact dermatitis, constant ‘fluey’ feelings and constant sneezing.

For more information see The ‘Health Detective’ Screening System

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