Children’s Health Screening

Children’s Health Screening

There have been adverse comments by N.I.C.E. warning parents not to take their children to ‘alternative’ practitioners for allergies but to take them to the doctor.  

Allergies are easily recognised as the reaction is almost immediate  (think peanuts – they must mean food intolerances which can take a lot longer to identify). We would certainly encourage you to take your child to see the doctor but if you don’t get a satisfactory result, do come and see us.

We don’t put children on restrictive diets we merely suggest you cut out the offending foods.

You will be able to see the improvements very quickly.

Children’s Screening – Please Note:

If you are coming for a Child Screening, you can fill in the Questionnaires on line, download and bring the following two forms with you: 

Child’s Health Questionnaire : Click here to Download 

Daily Diet Sheet : Click here to Download

For more information see  The Health Detective