Abdominal Massage

Abdominal Massage

How does it work?

The abdomen is a soft area protecting vital organs. However, due to various bowel conditions people may, at some time, experience an uncomfortable bloated feeling.

Abdominal massage is a soothing and relaxing treatment using small circular and lymphatic draining moves which will ultimately encourage the elimination of unwanted toxins and improve bowel function.

What are the benefits?

An abdominal massage helps aid poor digestion. Stimulation of the digestive system through an abdominal massage helps the digestive system run more smoothly. Abdominal massage is also beneficial in constipation as it stimulates the peristalsis of the small intestines, tones up the muscles of the abdomen walls and mechanically eliminates the contents of both large and small intestines.

Abdominal massage is a popular, inexpensive and effective treatment, especially benefiting those suffering from digestive disorders, sluggish bowels and IBS. It is a effective way to balance and harmonise the body and is a good alternative to Colonic Hydrotherapy for people who feel that nothing could possibly induce them to have Colonic treatment.

From March 2011 due to new legislation, we are not allowed to make claims for treatments that have not been scientifically proven. Most complementary therapies cannot be proven despite having been found to be very effective. All the information you find on our website has not been qualified by Scientific Research and any treatment you undertake will be at your discretion. We believe in our treatments and we have an impressive number of clients who believe in them too.