Energetic Medicine Explanation

Energetic Medicine Explanation

Energetic medicine – The Last Resort for the Desperate?

Conventional medicine most definitely does not recognise Energetic Medicine. Mention it to any Medical Practitioner and the majority will curl the lip. To them it’s too alternative, it’s quackery and it’s not quantifiable. It is, however, amazingly effective.

Energetic Medicine works on the energy pathways of the body – much like Acupuncture, which has finally been accepted by the NHS and now works happily alongside conventional methods.

Most people find EM when they have exhausted generally acceptable methods to regain their health – they have usually been through all the medical tests and ruled out life threatening illnesses.

They’ve been to GPs, Specialists and Hospitals and still haven’t been able to identify why they feel so unwell. They have come to a dead-end and don’t know where next to turn. Although only qualified medical professionals are allowed to diagnose illness, it would take numerous visits to the doctor and many hospital tests for Conventional Medicine to recognise some of the problems that Energetic Medicine may be able to quickly identify.

Once people know what they are dealing with, they find it easier to cope. People with IBS find that knowing what triggers their condition makes it more easily manageable. For CFS and ME suffers there could be underlying viruses, low adrenal and thyroid energy coupled with an inability to absorb nutrients and poor digestion.

EM can detect heavy metals and industrial chemicals in the body’s system which can cause hair loss, thyroid imbalances, exhaustion and phantom pains.

In one case, a woman of 62 with persistent and inexplicable aches & pains was found to have an accumulation of Uranium in her system. She was at a loss to explain it until she remembered that some 30 years previously she had worked at a Nuclear Power Station.

Farm-workers and people who participate in outdoor sports are likely to have pesticides or herbicides – used to treat fields and playing fields – accumulating in their fatty tissues and nerves which may be causing tremors, memory loss and tinnitus among other symptoms.

Many Naturopaths believe that mobile phones generate electromagnetic frequencies/radiation (EMR) and, when used excessively in close proximity to the head, can affect the delicate brain structure. The effect of this can be very subtle such as unexplainable tiredness or feeling stressed, headache, poor sleep, resistance to conventional medications and alternative remedies.

Energetic Medicine is used to assess and reduce the radiation stress level in the human body, allowing it to heal and easily respond to other therapies. Most Energetic Medicine Practitioners utilise bio-energetic stress testing machines (EAV), that identify energetic imbalances in the human body.

At specific anatomical locations on the body, the electrical resistance is much lower, and these points generally correspond to acupuncture points. The electrical resistance at those points varies from that of the skin overall and alters with physical and emotional changes in the body giving an indication of the energetic status of the meridian signifying whether the body is in a healthy state.

Although this technique is not within the parameters of ‘conventional’ medicine the flow of energy is a principle that has been known for thousands of years. In the hands of a skilled and experienced Practitioner, the EAV machine can provide valuable information about the body’s vital functions in a non-invasive way.

It is a highly technical instrument and it is crucial that the results are interpreted accurately. EM is rapidly gaining disciples in the UK. It is getting known through recommendations – it’s spreading through word of mouth.

Desperate people have found a solution to their health problems and want to share it with others. There are no expensive advertising campaigns – EM stands on its own results. Out of all the EU countries, Germany has the most registered Practitioners where it is widely practiced and accepted.

Gabi Heyes, ND, Dip.Herb, RCH,HIr, Naturopath, Medical Herbalist & Iridologist, Ella Dunbar, PhD, BSc, Nut.Dip, Herb.Dip, Bio-Res.Therapist and Sarah Fossick, BA McTimoney Chiropractor, Nutritional Naturopath, NHF Dip, Bioresonance, GAPS, and Nutrigenomic Therapist  aka the ‘Health Detectives‘, are experienced Energetic Medicine & EAV Practitioners.

Gabi has been practicing for a number of years and is arguably one of the UK’s leading exponents of EM. Ella Dunbar was a scientist in her previous career, and has been working with bio-resonance for the past six years.  Sarah Fossick uses an EAV system which is particularly beneficial for people who may have sensitive fingertips and for young children.

This formidable trio are leading the campaign to promote awareness of Energetic Medicine giving hope to people with health problems and showing that there is another path that can be taken when conventional medicine has failed to identify their health concerns.

Gabi says ‘if people have been to the doctors and ruled out life threatening illness and if they’ve followed all the medical advice and if they still don’t feel well, then why not give Energetic Medicine a chance? There are people who are sceptical and we’ve seen them in our Practice. They’ve usually been dragged in by a partner or relative, who also suffer by acquaintance. The Sceptic sits there like a truculent teenager but then there’s a magical moment when the Sceptic turns into a Believer. That’s the best feeling in the world!’.

From March 2011 due to new legislation, we are not allowed to make claims for treatments that have not been scientifically proven. Most complementary therapies cannot be proven despite having been found to be very effective. All the information you find on our website has not been qualified by Scientific Research and any treatment you undertake will be at your discretion. We believe in our treatments and we have an impressive number of clients who believe in them too.