What Is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a system of clinical practice that looks at the person from a mechanical point of view and emphasises the importance of the musculoskeletal system to the overall function and health of the person. It is a soft and natural approach of detecting and treating damaged parts of the body i.e. muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints. When the body is balanced and efficient it will function with the minimum of wear and tear on the structure.

Osteopathy treats a wide variety of problems from head to toe, including sports injuries, dysfunction/pain through trauma, changes in posture i.e. through pregnancy, babies, occupational injuries, arthritic pain and many more problems.

What’s So Special About An Osteopath?

An Osteopath’s special skill is our finely tuned ability to detect subtle tissue changes through palpation, which enables them to diagnose and decide on the best treatment for that particular patient.


The treatment you receive will be mainly manual. This could range from gentle massage to stronger stretching and mobilising techniques. It may include a gentle form of manipulation to free restricted joints and give more rapid relief from pain and your body will be assessed continually for the best form of treatment suited to your age and injury.


Your Osteopath, Anne Wilde, may also give you exercises to do at home, a temporary support or postural advice. You will be given advice on the level of activity that is right for you in the home, garden, sports or work place.

Is Osteopathy Regulated?

The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC), promotes, regulates and develops the profession of Osteopathy maintaining a statutory register of those entitled to practise osteopathy.

Anne Wilde is registered with British Osteopathic Association. To make an appointment with Anne please ring on 01625 54 9000.


From March 2011 due to new legislation, we are not allowed to make claims for treatments that has not been scientifically proven. Most complementary therapies cannot be proven despite having been found to be very effective. All the information you find on our website has not been qualified by Scientific Research and any treatment you undertake will be at your discretion. We believe in our treatments and we have an impressive number of clients who believe in them too.