Live Blood Analysis & Naturopathic Consultation

Imagine if you could hear your body whispering to you. Telling you what areas need a little help and which nutrients it needs to do this. Would you listen?

The body is whispering every day.

The lines, discolourations, spots, flecks, markings, swellings, tightness, weakness, coatings, aromas, fluids and movement all tell a story, a story of your health.

A Naturopathic Consultation analyses the body alongside an in-depth case history to see what the body is whispering. Studying the iris determines tendencies to health traits, urine tests show end metabolic processes, nails and skin determine nutritional imbalances and a finger-prick of blood is studied under the microscope.

Our blood comes into contact with every cell of the body. It carries vital nutrients and oxygen to the cells and carries away the waste. The quality of the blood and plasma determines the quality of the cell it bathes.

One would imagine as the blood leaves the body that it would be a ‘dead’ fluid. On the contrary, it is teaming with life! The red blood cells should be round and robust and gently slip and slide over the other cells. The white blood cells dotted around ready to spring into action when required. In some clients we can see quite clearly this isn’t the case, with blood cell changes occurring way before a pathology is present.

During the Consultation a microscopic analysis is performed on both live and dried blood samples taken from a small finger-prick of blood.

Anomalies can detect many nutritional imbalances, before conventional blood tests can detect abnormalities.

Insights gained from the analysis, correlated with Iris assessment and Naturopathic observations can help in the understanding of the presenting health picture, so that lifestyle and dietary interventions can be formulated and effectiveness of treatment can be monitored, following Naturopathic Principles.

Let’s take Mrs X, who came with exhaustion and bloating. Luckily all medical tests showed there was nothing untoward, but Mrs X was still left confused as to what was making her feel so tired.

 Mrs X showed many symptoms of bowel congestion – markings on the tongue, hard bowel movements, abdominal tenderness, frontal headaches- and the Live Blood showed fermentation signs and stacking of the red blood cells that had poor movement.  As the red blood cells carry oxygen, it is vital they are round and robust.

An adjustment of diet, a gentle bowel cleanse and advice on improving the gut flora helped to eliminate the bloating and improved energy levels from a 2 out of 10, to an 8 out of 10, in 6 weeks.  

Live Blood Analysis is not a diagnostic test, but is used in correlation with other naturopathic techniques.

If bloating affects you and you would like to learn more, feel free to download our ’ 20 ways to min gas

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