Bio-Identical Hormones FAQs

What is the process and how long does it take to receive the results?

Please telephone to book a ‘Half hour blood draw for Bio-Identical Hormones’. Your email address will be required and the relevant comprehensive forms sent to you in advance. Please complete these and bring to your appointment. A £50 deposit will be taken at the time of booking which is refundable with 24 hours notice of cancellation. The total cost for the Bio-Identical Hormone Test is £375. This includes the blood draw and 1/2 hr consultation, Dr Kinsella’s interpretation with any Bio-Identical Hormone Suggestions, plus a Naturopathic Interpretation should you wish to take a more natural approach. The Naturopathic Interpretation looks at patterns forming from all of the results, and utilises herbs, nutrition and low-dose hormones to create the desired effect of balancing the body system and hormones.

The blood results and reports will be received within 10 days and you will be contacted via email with these results attached.

As laboratory reports are extremely comprehensive, you may feel they require some simplification.  If you would like to go through the report in greater detail, we suggest booking a 30 minute appointment in person at our Clinic or by telephone or Skype, at an additional charge of £35.  Call us on 01625 54 9000.

Is there anything I need to do beforehand?

Please continue with any prescribed medication from your GP, but if taking Levothyroxine please refrain from taking it on the day of the test, until after the blood draw.

Concerns over cholesterol or triglycerides– please fast for at least 6 hours prior to the appointment.

Males– the test can be taken on any day.

Menstruating females – please schedule the blood draw for Day 21 of your cycle (21 days after first starting with a bleed).

Females on the Contraceptive Pill – the test can be taken on any day of your cycle.

Irregular cycle, yet menstruating – as close to what you may perceive to be Day 21 of your cycle.

Possibly menopausal and not had a cycle for a few months – the test can be taken on any day.

Menopausal and not had a cycle for 12 months – the test can be taken on any day.