Osteopathy testimonials

Osteopathy testimonials

I had been diagnosed with sciatica, but painkillers didn’t work. After months of difficulty in walking I tried acupuncture and when that didn’t work my very kind acupuncturist suggested I try Osteopathy.

When I met Anne she knew instantly it wasn’t sciatica but a problem with the pelvis. From the first treatment things got better. I would certainly go again with a similar problem and would recommend anyone else to do the same. S.S. Prestbury

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your treatment and care of me. You worked so hard through my long recovery last time and when my back ‘went’ again this time, your advice, exercises, words of encouragement came flooding back to me and it minimised the damage.

I am so grateful for your valuable advice and am now feeling confident that if the problem arises again, I can manage it better, cope with it and lesson the pain. It makes a huge difference knowing I have the tools to manage it and you can put me back together again. Thank you. J.J Marple

Following an injury in my garden, I consulted my local health centre on several occasions. Each visit resulted in being prescribed pain relief pills or muscular cream. The injury caused continuous pain, it was difficult to walk or even stand for more than ten minutes without sitting, the pain was so painful that many nights I could not sleep. J.G. High Lane

My daughter recommended Anne Wilde the Osteopath at Natural Practices. On my first visit to her surgery Anne corrected the problem, (torsion of the pelvis). It felt great to walk again, I followed this visit with two subsequent appointments to rectify the tissue in my back. Many thanks Anne. A.B. Sale

I am writing to thank you for the excellent work you did a few weeks ago on my shoulder and arm muscles. After the last session my arm was rather sore for about a week and I took a few pain-killers. At the same time, I read in a diabetic magazine about the painful effects of Simvastatin on the muscles of some diabetics so I stopped taking them for a while. S.Mc. Macclesfield

Within a few days, on return from holiday, I noticed the pain had gone and it has not returned since. I have also went back on the Simvastatin and I am still pain free. C.G. Romiley I am now convinced that it was your treatment which did the trick and dropping the Simvastatin had no effect, so I must thank you sincerely for all the hard work you performed on me, which has enabled me to get back to normal – and I am also driving once again! With every good wish and success for the future. G.D Congleton