Lyme Disease testimonials

Lyme Disease testimonials

Bio-Resonance therapy with the Mora machine appears to be the most effective treatment for Lyme Disease. Since 1995, I suffered from diagnosed Lyme Disease and was treated with two courses of i.v. antibiotics, multiple oral anti-biotics, hyperbaric oxygen, i.v. vitamin therapy, chelation, traditional homeopathy, Bach Flowers, accupuncture, and Chinese Herbal therapy.

My skin turned grey, hair fell out, and it seemed all my organs were failing. Most of my time was spent in bed. The traditional doctors tried everything they could until they admitted there were no more treatment options. It seemed Grace appeared when a friend told me about Mora therapy.

I was not very enthusiastic, having had Lyme for many years with multiple treatment failures. But as I received Mora therapy over the course of six months, my symptoms began to abate and true recovery began. I live symptom free and the neurologists have been baffled at the continuing speedy recovery of my brain.

Since the blood brain barrier is not an obstacle in Mora therapy, my severe neurological issues have continued to resolve themselves. Depression, anxiety and confusion have disappeared.

There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be here today had I not undergone Mora Therapy. AP – Newark