Spice up your sex life

Spice up your sex life

In nature, Pine pollen is able to potentiate, or kick-start Spring, because it coats the forest with a thick layer of male hormones, which awaken and regenerate, giving a much needed boost to everything that comes in contact with it.

� Balances the Estrogen to Testosterone ratio in Women and Men
� Increases libido by raising androgen levels
� Low testosterone in men
� Raises sperm count
� Aids in weight management and promotes weight loss
� Burns off brain fog and increases attention span and brain function
� Promoting immune function
� Clears acne
� Promotes liver cell activity aiding in liver detoxification and rehabilitation
� Improves skin elasticity (anti-aging)

Pine Pollen contains 20 amino acids plus all 8 essential amino acids, a full spectrum of food source vitamins, a complete mineral profile, There are 200+ active constituents in Pine Pollen, four are phyto-hormones, standing out for their regenerative capabilities. These are potent bio-available androgen phyto-hormones: Testosterone, DHEA, Androstenedione, and Androsterone, which are safe, and do not interfere with the normal negative feedback mechanism of hormone production in the body, unlike bio-identical hormones and synthetic hormones like prescription steroids.

1-2 dropperful, 2 -3 times daily. Preferably on an empty stomach. Best taken in a little water (or other liquid).

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