Gabi Heyes – Naturopath, Medical Herbalist

Gabi Heyes – Naturopath, Medical Herbalist

Gabrielle Heyes (Gabi) is the Clinic’s main Practitioner.

“I set up Natural Practices in 2002 and feel that I have achieved an amazing health care model where there are many experts in the fields of Nutrition, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Osteopathy etc all under the same roof.”

Gabi trained as a Naturopath, Iridologist and Medical Herbalist at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and is considered one of the UK’s leading Practitioners of Bio-energetic Screenings and has been able to help many people when conventional medicine failed to diagnose their health concerns.

“I absolutely love my job! I enjoy hearing about a client’s history and experiences, then using Naturopathic Techniques to start to build a picture of their health. I use facial, tongue and nail analysis, combined with Iridology and discuss my findings before moving on to Screening with the ‘Health Detective’.

I find this often reveals some amazing things that we would never have considered by just having a Consultation, and this offers the opportunity for further discussion and testing. A ‘story’ of the person’s health starts to unfold and I find the whole process fascinating, as do my Clients.”


Phlebotomy – I use a range of lab tests,  some of which involve a blood draw, to look at specific markers which determine imbalances in the body.

Nutrigenomic Testing (GeneSnippers) – I use genetic data to interpret how Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms may be affecting health.

AFMCP (The Institute for Functional Medicine) – I use established diagnostic tools (lab tests), proven therapeutic models (science-based diets and supplementation) and detailed case history taking to help personalise a Wellness programme for each client. This means that each client leaves knowing the root cause to their imbalance and what to do about it.

I spend time networking with other experts in the field to ensure that I am able to recommend THE best Practitioners for the times I need to enhance a client’s programme.

Thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours have been invested in training in order that I am able to offer my clients the absolute best knowledge, but also be able to deliver it in a caring and simplified way.

I have a passion for education, on both an individual basis for my clients and on a larger scale.  I have been a lecturer for the College of Naturopathic Medicine since 2014 and love nurturing the passion for health in each individual.

I write articles for health magazines, blogs and run two free support groups:


Parents interested in natural immunity:


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