Lab Tests and Products

Lab Tests and Products

We work closely with an external Diagnostic Laboratory.

Although the Health Detective can tell you whether you have an excess or lack in the body, it cannot specify percentages.

Lab tests provide more detailed information. The results of the Tests are sent to Natural Practices for interpretation and we then assemble the information in an easy to understand form and, if requested, will offer Nutritional and Naturopathic advice.

Please ring us on 01625 54 9000 or email to order a Test Kit.

1-Day Progesterone/Oestrogen

Bone Resorption Osteoporosis Risk Assessment

Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Profile

Candida Antibody Profile

Chronic Fatigue Screen

Menopausal Plus

Rhythm; Female Hormone Profile

Rhythm Plus; Comprehensive Female Hormone Profile

Total Thyroid Screen

Toxic Element Clearance Profile