Lyme Disease Screening

As Lyme disease produces so many varied symptoms it is difficult to determine the main areas to be addressed and in what order. The initial Screening is to identify what is out of balance in the body.

Using the ‘Health Detective’ Screening System we can determine the level of toxicity present and in which organ. We check a full range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and good bacteria. The body’s main elimination organs also need to be functioning correctly.

The endocrine system needs to be balanced – we check the adrenal glands, liver, thyroid, blood sugar amongst other hormones and glands. We establish if there are any other influencing factors such as leaking amalgams, radiation, viruses, fungal overgrowth, parasitic infections and, of course, Borrelia burghdorferi.

Building a picture of a person’s current state of health allows us to determine how they will respond to treatment and, if applicable, how deeply the Borrelia /virus/fungi is affecting the body.

From the information gathered at the Screening we can then formulate a detoxification programme. The Naturopath will then decide on the best ways to support and detoxify the person using herbal, nutritional and homeopathic remedies. However, in order to undergo any form of detoxification programme there needs to be certain structures in place. The body has to be receiving the correct food and absorbing the nutrition.

We work to a 5 part programme and this invariably follows the routine of:

Repairing cellular health – ensuring the correct levels of minerals and essential fats

Supporting the elimination channels – cleansing the liver, bowel, kidneys, skin lungs, blood and lymph

Improving endocrine balance – ensuring the adrenal glands are strong enough to cope with a detox

Removal of causative factors such as Borrelia /virus/fungi using homeopathic & herbal remedies alongside Bio-resonance treatment using the MORA machine although the latter can be commenced almost immediately to improve symptoms.

Maintenance by naturopathic and nutritional means.

From March 2011 due to new legislation, we are not allowed to make claims for treatments that has not been scientifically proven. Most complementary therapies cannot be proven despite having been found to be very effective.
All the information you find on our website has not been qualified by Scientific Research and any treatment you undertake will be at your discretion. We believe in our treatments and we have an impressive number of clients who believe in them too.