IBS Screening

This test is similar to a Personalised Screening in that it can be tailored individually on select items,  We have found through our ten years of experience that there are many reasons the bowel is becoming ‘Irritated’. Often, when IBS has been diagnosed by a medical practitioner, the patient will be given antispasmodic medication, possibly peppermint oil capsules, a laxative or a bulking agent such as ‘Fibergel’. By the time a client contacts us it is because the medication hasn’t been giving them the desired relief and they feel the root cause still hasn’t been addressed.

We initially advise that they go back to their GP to discuss their concerns and ascertain whether further tests are required to rule out serious medical conditions.  Once they have  been given the ‘all clear’ we are in a position to help.

This Screening involves looking at what may be irritating the bowel. Good digestion involves food being adequately broken down by enzymes and acid, which require good hydration levels. We test for dehydration, amylase, lipase, hydrochloric acid amongst other digestive substances. The painful bloating associated with IBS can sometimes be due to a disturbance of the good bacteria so this is tested along with a list of known food triggers. Food intolerances can be fairly common so we need to rule these out, but sometimes it is a combination of the food not being broken down as well as reacting to some food groups that can cause bloating, diarrhoea or constipation.

We test for endocrine imbalances as stress is a known factor behind IBS and for some men, the symptoms worsen when they experience pressure. For some women they worsen around the time of the month.

We test for emotional factors as there are many people who literally ‘hold’ their emotions in their abdomen. This can help to bring awareness to the emotion so that the client can later explore this avenue.

Sometimes IBS is diagnosed by the Consultant after a bad intestinal infection such as giardia, gastro-enteritis or picking up a bug on holiday. Although these things may have been treated at the time,  there can be underlying inflammation in the intestines from this or there may still be a slight resonance of the bug remaining. We test for parasites, bacteria, fungal overgrowth and viruses.

The Health Detective is different from blood or stool samples. It is a very simple test passing resonances of many different items through a point on the finger and seeing how the skin responds. It is non-invasive, non-painful, quick and accurate. There are no tests that are 100% accurate but we pride ourselves on using the information gleaned during the test to create manageable Programmes to return people to good health.

We see excellent results for IBS and it makes sense that when you remove sources of inflammation, balance digestion, heal the gut and the emotions, the body will respond favourably.