The Health Detective Screening System is a part of Natural Practices Clinic and the following are Testimonials from clients:

After seeing how you are helping xxxx and I’m not forgetting friends that we have sent to you and have been shocked at the unerring accuracy of your diagnosis (From NP Clinic: Please note that we do not diagnose – only medical doctors can do that – we identify) I sincereley hope you will be able to continue for a long time.  Without your expertise life for xxxx would be very bleak indeed.  Thank you so much.


I came to Natural Practices with a full sheet of symptoms ranging from literally my head to my toes, I struggle with M.E. and among many ailments it brings complete exhaustion, poor concentration, aches & pains to the point where movement is very painful, headaches and depression.

Gabi was very attentive to me, listened and took into account my personal circumstances of family obligations etc.,  She suggested we use the ‘Health Detective’ Screening System which I found fascinating.  It helped to detect which vitamins and minerals my body needed, which parts of my body needed support i.e. adrenals, thyroid etc., whether I had toxins and which ones – it was amazing.  She then gave me the needed supplements and supports I needed – homeopathic, herbal and nutritional – and I have been able to get a measure of health back.

I feel alive again and it is making a huge difference – not just to me, but the quality of my family life too.  Thank you.

I went to Natural Practices after suffering regular headaches, often severe, for a number of years.  After putting me through their ‘Health Detective’ Screening System they discovered that I had an intolerance to dairy products.  After cutting these out I’ve hardly had a headache in almost two years.  The friends and family I have since recommended to Natural Practices have all had the same positive experiences.

I refer to my recent course at your Wilmslow clinic and wish to thank you for all you help & advice.  I had never undergone any form of allergy testing before, so your treatment was a completely new experience for me.  After finding I was intolerant to wheat and dairy products, I was determined to cut them out of my diet.  Although I found this difficult at first, I immediately started to notice the difference which encouraged me to press on.

I am now wheat and dairy free and feel 200% better in myself.  I also appreciate the knowledge you have given me as I now understand the reason for the intolerance and why there is always an alternative to those little sacrifices we all have to make.
Thank You.

For the first time in about three years I felt inspired in knowing there are treatments that can heal my body and was amazed with the results in such a short space of time, so a big THANK YOU for that.

I write to thank for the remarkable transformation in my wife’s health after receiving treatment from your clinic.   Her health deteriorated following a serious car crash in June 2005 and December 2006 she was unfortunate to contract Rotavirus which led to her health spiralling downwards even further, creating food intolerances which in turn led to further intolerances.   She saw her GP who diagnosed Enzyme deficiency and informed her there was no test to determine this condition. 

By now she had lost two stones in weight.  Her diet consisted of boiled potatoes and broiled fish which was all she could safely eat.  She continued to feel sick and had frequent diarrhoea, unable to attend a hairdressing appointment for our son’s wedding.

A friend recommended Natural Practices and my wife was screened with the ‘Health Detective’ which showed masses of food intolerances plus Enzyme deficiencies.  For the first six weeks her treatment consisted of products to soothe and heal the digestive system and what a wonderful difference it made.   After that she began to take the Enzyme tablets which you recommended to her.

She now enjoys almost anything she fancies to eat with one or two exceptions.  I cannot thank you enough for what you do at the Clinic, for your skills, and the help that you are able to give to people in desperate situations.  Several of our friends are now attending the Clinic and are beginning to see a new life ahead of them.
FROM M.B. (This letter was précised),e-mail

I would like to thank you for your recent help and advice regarding my health issues which the doctors for many years were unable to help with.  After meeting with you, I found out information on my current lifestyle which was causing me no end of problems and since coming to your Clinic and following the recommendations not only have I felt great and suffered no pain or discomfort, I have also lost weight which was an added bonus!

I have already recommended you to friends and family and would not hesitate to inform all, of your kind and excellent work.
FROM S.P. e-mail

By the time I came to Natural Practices I had been through “the system” for 3 years trying to find some relief from and reasons for the symptoms I was suffering. The diagnosis had been Fybromyalgia – a chronic fatigue illness with pain in all the fibrous tissue of the body. It was so debillitating my whole life had changed to cope with it.

I came to Natural Practices, not knowing what Health Screening was about. It was a personal recommendation and to be honest if I’d had the energy to look into it I may not have come. The first consultation took place and I went away with a possible reason for all the pains and fatigue – my body was highly toxic and constantly battling against it all. With guidance I slowly detoxed my system of foods and chemicals and introduced much needed vitamins and minerals alongside remedies.  It was a lengthy process but when I started to feel the changes after just a couple of weeks I knew it was worth persevering. Gradually, the pains subsided and my energy levels rose, so much so that I decided to retrain as a Holistic Therapist!

Several years on I still visit Natural Practices a couple of times a year for “check ups.” This ensures that my body does not reach the same state it was in before. I am now aware of my body’s weaknesses and what I need to put in or keep out to ensure smooth running. I have, and will continue to recommend Natural Practices and the Health Screening.

Recently I had a parasite infection.  I thought I knew what it was and had been taking an over-the-counter remedy.  This seemed to clear the problem initially but then it returned after a couple of weeks.  I was taking tablets on a regular basis for about eighteen months, hoping it would clear eventually.

During this time I consulted Pharmacists and my GP – the tests on a stool sample had negative results and the problem persisted.  I found the idea of parasites abhorrent and became very depressed and anxious and was sleeping badly.  Then one day as I drove past Natural Practices, I saw the pavement board outside and noticed that parasites was one of the things they treated.  I made an appointment to come for a Screening.

The Advanced Body Screening (Health Detective) showed that I had a roundworm infection – not threadworm as I had thought.  That surprised me, but then I realised that the symptoms had been a bit different and it would account for my lack of success in clearing it.  Gabi also carried out an Iridology examination and found I had some irregularities in the bowel which were aggravating the problem.  Everything she said made sense and I felt we were on the right track.

I was given a programme to follow over the following few weeks.  This was carried out in stages, so I had to follow the instructions on a daily basis.  It was certainly more involved than taking the usual type of medication from a GP.  I had to remember to take preparations with me when I was going out and remember to take them at the right time.  I also had to do some enemas using coffee and chamomile.  This seemed a very strange procedure and I was a bit nervous of starting these.  However, I went ahead and soon mastered the technique.

For several weeks I was clear of the parasites and I began to feel more relaxed.  Then just as I was nearing the end of the 90 day cycle, the problem recurred.   Gabi had warned me ‘not to panic’ if this happened as they ‘can be very persistent’ but I was very down-hearted, especially as I had worked hard to follow the programme.

I had a second consultation with Gabi and she suggested a more intensive programme using different remedies and advised me to have colonic hydrotherapy every 7 – 10 days for the next three months.  She was very positive and was sure that we could achieve a good result.  This time the treatment was successful and the relief was enormous.  I am sleeping well and enjoying life to the full again.

I found Gabi very supportive throughout.   If I telephoned with any queries she always returned my call the same day and on occasions contacted me if she had come across something she thought would be helpful.  I will always be thankful that I discovered Gabi at Natural Practices and would certainly consult her again with any health problems.
I discovered the Natural Practices Clinic via the Yellow Pages!!  After searching relentlessly for a qualified naturopath that could actually help me with a very complicated disease, my husband (bless his heart,) found the lovely people at NP and rang them.  From the moment we spoke with them on the phone I knew they were the right people to deal with.

I was in such a terrible state after visiting the hospital, yet again to no avail.  I had collapsed in Manchester city centre and was taken into hospital feeling desperately poorly.  I contracted Lyme disease complicated by Fibromyalgia and M.E symptoms nearly 7 years ago.  I have been thrown around from one doctor to another on the NHS and have been determined to throw away the many drugs that they all tried to push down me as they were making me even more ill.  Blood test after blood test came back with negative results, doctors at hospitals and GP surgeries have assured me it was all in my mind, I was depressed, stressed, paranoid!!!  I got very fed up, frustrated, and to the end of my tether because no one would listen to me.  The hospital was the last straw, when I was told they didn’t really know much about Lyme so there was nothing they could do!!! 

After my illness forced me to leave my job six years ago I became isolated away from people and thought that I was destined for a lifetime of ill health and loneliness.  The last visit to the hospital was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I had always been a very confident, proactive person, so why should they make me feel like I had to admit defeat.  My adrenal function had become so poor and my thyroid was giving me a lot of problems.  I recognised this myself after very extensive studying of my disease, but couldn’t get a doctor to listen to me.  But trying to get medical doctors to look ‘outside of the box’ with regards to my very complicated illness has always been impossible.  That was until I met Gabi at Natural Practices. What a difference!!

From the moment I met her she let me fully explain everything, my whole history of illness and she related to everything I was saying.  That on its own was such a relief for me, to have someone who was reading off the same hymn sheet!

She gave me a very extensive test using the health screening process which was amazingly accurate and so detailed.  Her patience and understanding were outstanding and for the first time in nearly seven years I felt as though I was given some hope of beating this terrible illness.

Lyme disease is so unrecognised in the UK which in itself is a terrible worry as more and more people are contracting it now, especially due to climate change. The Borrellia Burgderferi bacteria that ticks and other insects carry is now becoming very prominent in the UK and my aim when I get better is to make people more aware of the dangers of Lyme Disease .  It is so debilitating.

Unfortunately my young daughter and husband both have it so I have a long battle to fight in order to win the war against Lyme and the devastation it has brought to our family.  With the Help of Natural Practices I feel, at long last, I can do that.  I have only just started my treatment protocol but already I feel slightly better and I have had so much support and assistance from the entire team.

They have answered my questions in detail, accommodated me for a very quick appointment as I was so poorly and desperate, helped me and advised me on supplements, diet and further therapies to encompass within my present treatment protocol.

When you walk in the clinic there is a lovely caring atmosphere and you are made to feel so welcome.  It has a very calming effect on you and you feel reassured that questions will be answered in a very positive way.

Thank you so much Gabi and all the team at Natural Practices.  I have a very long way to go in my fight with Lyme disease but I don’t give in easily and I feel confident that with your help I will win the war!
I first visited Natural Practices two and three quarter years ago.  My girlfriend had read somewhere that Colonics may be able to help to remove traces of medication lingering in the system from years ago.  We both thought this might help me since I’d been heavily medicated by NHS doctors for many years, causing problem upon problem which would in turn be treated by more medication.

In brief, up to that point I’d suffered from intense itching (especially at night) which caused chronic insomnia and a complete inability to relax.  My skin was so bad I’d wake up with blood on my sheets every day and often couldn’t even bend my joints or turn my head.  I had lost my hair and over the years struggled to hold down a job due to my condition so I was in and out of work and accumulated large debts.  At various times it would be so bad I was housebound, so it affected me socially too.  I didn’t manage the condition so much as it managed me! 

The conventional NHS treatment was a combination of tranquilisers, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety drugs, anti-histamines, anti-biotics, steroidal creams, steroid injections, steroid pills etc., all of which caused long term damage to my skin and body, ie. they treated the symptoms in the short term but fed the causes in the long term.  I believe the symptoms had been triggered by the over-prescription of anti-biotics in my teenage years.  I was also almost permanently ill (colds etc.) due to the damage to my immune system and the levels of stress the illness caused.

These symptoms had gone on for around 11 or 12 years when I first visited Natural Practices in March 2007. Initially I had a course of Colonics which helped enormously (it was like putting out a fire in my skin), and was put on a detox diet.  This helped enormously.  However, I began to make real progress from August 2008 when I saw Gabi for food sensitivity testing.  Since then I’ve steadily progressed to where I am today.  I would not say I’m 100% (that may be an impossible goal due to the permanent damage done to the skin by years of massive overuse of steroidal creams) but my level of healing is remarkable:

*I’m in the best health I’ve been in my adult life (I’m now 35)
*For the first time in my adult life I feel well enough to think about a career, so it’s a bit like being 18 again
*I have taken no medication of any sort, nor have I used any steroidal creams since March 2007
*More often than not I sleep at night (completely naturally and unaided) which is something that used to happen literally once every 4 or 5 years
*My skin has improved so much that I recently went 13 consecutive nights without itching or scratching, something utterly unheard of in my adult life, something I consider to be utterly miraculous!  This situation continues to improve so watch this space…
*Most of my hair has returned (and I hope it will continue to do so!)
*I have energy and I’m able to relax, as opposed to my previous norm which was a combination of utterly exhausted and completely wired.

While I owe so much to Natural Practices, I have also been helped enormously by Chlorine-Filters for my shower from http://www.sensitiveskincareco.com/ and a range of pure organic skincare products from Australia from http://www.muktibotanicals.com.au/, and my good organic food from http://www.unicorn-grocery.co.uk/ in Chorlton.  I also owe a lot to a great amount of patience and self-discipline!  While many treatments make you feel better immediately, healing is not an overnight process so my message to anyone going through similar is to stick with the program, in the long term it’s more than worth it, the results are real and achievable. 

Getting well has neither been cheap nor quick, but it’s been worth the patience and discipline and, while you can’t put a price on health, my various treatments have more than paid for themselves because now that I have my health I also have my earnings potential.

Thank you so much for getting me this far.  I hope to keep visiting you with a smug look on my face to show you how well I’m doing…
I am a patient of Suzannah Blach, Acupuncturist, who was treating me for unstable FSH levels, which were too high for me to commence IVF treatment. I have been trying to get pregnant for over 5 years and had 1 unsuccessful IVF treatment. I was waiting to start a new cycle of IVF but was becoming very frustrated that my FSH levels, which were above the required level to start, were rising. I felt that I led a healthy lifestyle and couldn’t understand why my body was responding in this way.

Suzanna felt that my acupuncture treatment would be complimented by a diagnosis through the ‘Health Detective Pre-conception Fertility Health Screening’. The first appointment was extremely thorough and it was identified that I had some food intolerances, high toxicity levels and imbalance of hormones. I was advised on changes to my diet and lifestyle, prescribed some homeopathic remedies and was placed on a 6 week detox, which included colonic hydrotherapy/irrigation. I responded extremely well to the treatment and was placed on a further 6 week detox course to refine my response.

Two months after the completion of the treatment my FSH levels reduced a significant amount, from 13.4 to 5.4, and I was able to commence IVF treatment. The doctors were amazed by the results.

I believe the combined treatment of acupuncture and the ‘Health Detective’ diagnosis and resulting treatment were the catalyst to my FSH levels stabilising and reducing to a level where I was able to commence IVF treatment. I felt empowered by the process and would recommend anyone who experiences problems with their fertility to contact The Fertility Specialists at Natural Practices to gain an insight into their health and identify what may be stopping them achieving a pregnancy.

From March 2011 due to new legislation, we are not allowed to make claims for treatments that has not been scientifically proven. Most complementary therapies cannot be proven despite having been found to be very effective.
All the information you find on our website has not been qualified by Scientific Research and any treatment you undertake will be at your discretion. We believe in our treatments and we have an impressive number of clients who believe in them too.