Heartburn/Throat Problems

Mr F, age 30, came complaining of bad heartburn. His doctor had ruled out helicobacter pylori but had confirmed that there was a small hiatus hernia. He was taking antacid medication continually and was told his only other option was surgery, but at his age he didn’t wish to go through this.

He booked a Personalised Screening which uses a range of Naturopathic skills to help identify imbalances within the body. A quick pH test showed that his urine was very acidic. This is normally due to poor diet, cell metabolism and hydration. A check of his diet identified the culprit foods. A food sensitivity test was performed and he showed as intolerant to yeast and sugar, not good for a beer-drinker but we discussed other acceptable forms of alcohol.

A Vitamin and Mineral Screening showed imbalances in pancreatic and digestive enzymes as well as good bacteria. There were other important nutrients that were lacking that can contribute to overall lack of vitality.

Mr. F followed the advice given and really was amazed at the difference in his heartburn. He had spoken with his Doctor about reducing the medication and had spent the last few weeks of the programme taking less than he was originally prescribed. His aim was to become free from the medication or to only use it if necessary.

During the programme,  I had suggested to Mr. F that he an Osteopath. Gentle manipulation of the internal organs and the connective tissue around the diaphragm can help to reduce the pressure causing the heartburn. He felt the combined approach greatly reduced his initial complaint to an acceptable level.


Throat Problems

Miss J came to the Clinic complaining of a lump sensation in her throat. She had undergone the conventional medical investigations such as a gastroscopy and blood tests for infections and thyroid disorders. All the tests came back clear.

Using the ‘Health Detective we tested for mild imbalances in the thyroid, for parasites, fungal overgrowth and food sensitivities. There was a slight fungal overgrowth. The only other thing that was identified was an intolerance to kale, spinach and apple which she juiced every morning and had done for many years. Intolerances can often occur due to over-consumption of a food item or food group.  This can make identification of the problem very difficult for the person affected to identify by keeping a food diary


From March 2011 due to new legislation, we are not allowed to make claims for treatments that has not been scientifically proven. Most complementary therapies cannot be proven despite having been found to be very effective.
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