Weight Gain/Inability to lose weight

Can food intolerances cause weight gain or an inability to lose weight?

Ms S came to Natural Practices in September 2008 regarding what she felt was excessive weight and also chronic stomach ache. She had already lost 2 stone due to illness but had recently been given the all-clear by the hospital and was to ‘go it alone’ with remaining weight loss. She suffered constant nausea and loose bowel movements on a daily basis, but the hospital had found nothing they wanted to investigate further.

We started with a simple Food Intolerance Test to determine if there was something that Ms S was eating on a daily basis that was acting as more of a poison for her. There were some very strong food intolerances- citrus, caffeine, sugar, spices and dairy. Also on further investigation Ms S was very out of balance in the enzymes needed to digest food, as well as good bacteria and B vitamins. This meant that no matter what food was consumed it would cause bloating and weight gain as the body struggled with what to do with the undigested food.

The body desperately needs adequate levels of fat in order to burn off ‘bad’ fat and keep the body warm. Ms S was very out of balance in her essential fats, due to constantly being on a ‘low-fat’ diet.

The first 6 weeks was a simple programme of avoiding her food intolerances plus assisting her digestive tract. A repeat Screening 6 weeks later showed she had lost 2st 9lb. Further tests were performed at this time checking to see if Ms S was acidic which would affect ability to lose weight. Her toxicity levels were also checked along with her hormones. Ms S was found to be sub-clinically low thyroid, which meant it hadn’t been serious enough to be picked up on blood tests but was definitely contributing to her weight. Ms S seemed to have to work harder than most people in order to lose weight and the low thyroid explained this.

Ms S was checked to ensure her food intolerances had cleared and that she could resume a normal diet and was then put on a herbal programme of thyroid support.

The next Screening showed she had now lost 3st 2lb. As a final detoxification Ms S was checked for fungal overgrowth and parasites. When these things were found Ms S was put on a herbal detox for a month. Her last test was to check that everything we had done together had worked. Her overall weight loss was 3st 7lb, but the main thing was that Ms S felt fantastic. The constant nausea had cleared within the first 2 weeks of the programme and she has continued to feel really well in herself and much more energetic. What had initially started as a quest to lose weight had in fact become a way of life for her as all the niggling symptoms that she had always taken for granted had cleared up. Please see our ‘Health Detective’ Screening System,