Characteristics: Inability to continue throughout the day, tiredness upon waking, extreme exhaustion around 3pm, falling asleep early in the evening.

Mr. S. age 45, a professional cyclist, began feeling constantly tired with his cycling times becoming slower.

He was checked for food sensitivities using the ‘Health Detective’ Screening System and was found to be intolerant to wheat and milk. In addition, he was out of balance in many trace materials, a common occurrence of intense exercise or stress. He was also out of balance in essential fatty acids and B vitamins. After just one month of taking the supplements and avoiding the sensitive foods, Mr. S. reported that he was feeling much better and was delighted that his new diet had really improved his health and had such a positive effect on other small but irritating symptoms. The specific nutritional supplements were continued for 3 months and then maintenance doses of just ionic minerals and essential fats were given.

Constant tiredness or lethargy is your body’s way of saying ‘I’m struggling to cope’. Normally there will be nutritional imbalances and food sensitivities contributing to a toxic overload.

We feel we have helped to guide many people on the right path so that their body can restore optimum health and vitality.