Characteristics: Weight gain around the middle, Mood swings, erratic periods, Internal dryness, hot flushes and/or night sweats.

Mrs M. Age 40, had been diagnosed as going through an early menopause by her GP following blood tests. Her periods were very infrequent and light and she was suffering hot flushes every 20 minutes throughout the day and was waking with night sweats. She also suffered frequent headaches, bouts of anxiety and was constantly fatigued. She wanted to go down a more ‘natural’ route rather than resorting to taking HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).

The ‘Health Detective’ Screening System found that Mrs M was out of balance in certain B vitamins – calcium, magnesium, Vitamin C and essential fatty acids. She was also sensitive to dairy products, wheat, caffeine and alcohol. The Screening also picked up hormonal imbalances which were supported using homeopathic remedies. Herbs were recommended for a more immediate effect on the hot flushes whilst the body corrected itself on the nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities.

This is quite a typical case where there are hormonal adjustments being made by the body, but the body doesn’t have the correct nutritional reserves to cope. Herbs are useful in helping to balance the delicate female system with little or no ill-effect, restoring the female’s vital energy and sleep-pattern.