G. age 16, came to Natural Practices with his mother after a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, affecting the ileum (a part of the small intestine). The identification of his symptoms had been problematic and by the time he was diagnosed he had been suffering for two years. His main symptoms were abdominal pain, feeling exhausted and a very slow bowel. He wanted to obtain some dietary advice and learn how to manage the condition himself without having to resort to any surgery. He felt that the Consultant hadn’t offered him many options and he was prepared to try a more natural approach to his health.
He was tested with the ‘Health Detective’ Screening System to identify food intolerances and he was found to be reacting to most of his grains, sugar and spices. G. was drinking two cans of diet coke each day which needed to be stopped immediately due to the highly irritating effect on the mucous membranes.
(see side effects of Aspartame). He was also tested for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and found to be lacking in good bacteria, essential fats which are needed for healing and some key vitamins and minerals. It was a Catch 22 situation as he was not absorbing nutrients from his food properly yet he needed the nutrients in order to heal.
We suggested he use either a liquid multivitamin/ mineral supplement or a Superfood containing chlorella and spirulina for instant nutrition and alkalising effect.
The Screening picked up on several parasites and his mother remembered that his symptoms had started 2 years ago after a holiday abroad.
A Programme was developed for G. with the aims of adding more correct fibre to the diet, using herbs to soothe the gastro-intestinal tract, clearing parasites along with removing intolerant foods.
A follow-up Screening took place 6 weeks later and G. reported that his symptoms were 60% better which was a superb result. He was re-tested and it was established that a parasite had remained. A homeopathic remedy was given and his herbal remedy adjusted.
G. e-mailed the Clinic 6 weeks later as agreed, and felt he had improved a further 20% and was extremely pleased with the overall result.
He continues to keep in contact as he prefers to take a herbal remedy on a continuous basis to support his bowel and liver. The herbs are adjusted according to his symptoms.