Mr. C, age 44, came to Natural Practices regarding his dreadful constipation. He also complained of halitosis (bad breath). The mouth to the anus is a tube and if there is an odour at one end, there will be an odour at the other. His Dentist had ruled out any gum disease.

After speaking at length about frequency, consistency, colour and odour of his bowel movements, a Health Detective Screening  was suggested to assess other reasons behind the constipation. Diet was highlighted as an issue as Mr. C was eating the wrong type of fibre. The Screening also picked up that Mr. C was dehydrated – both through a lack of water and also lack of essential fat.

His potassium levels were out of balance and after further discussion, it was established that he drank up to 10 cups of coffee daily, which was depleting his body of this essential mineral which maintains water balance in the body.

Iridology showed that he had a tendency to hold stress within the bowel area and it was felt that his constipation was due more to the fact that the bowel was too tight rather than too lazy. He confirmed that when he gets stressed his bowel movements slowed down.
A programme was put together for Mr. C that included a herbal remedy to support the nervous system and bowel, dietary and nutritional advice.

Mr. C was asked to return after 6 weeks to test if there had been the relevant nutritional changes. He was much more hydrated and had been able to adjust his diet as suggested. His bowel habits were more regular and easier. His ability to cope with stress was also greatly enhanced. His breath was no longer an issue and the bad taste in his mouth each day had completely disappeared due to drinking more water and his change of diet.