Case Histories – Bowen Technique

Back pain
Male, aged 38

G had been suffering from lower back pain for 5 months. His right hip appeared to be rotated and his left leg longer than the right. After one treatment, his legs were the same length and he was pain free for 3-4 days in the week. After the 2nd treatment, G only felt a slight twinge in his back when bending down. ‘The day after my 3rd treatment, the pain in my back had completely gone. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know how it happens, but Bowen really works.’


Female, aged 23

A was diagnosed with IBS when she was 16 years old and, at the time of treatment, it was disrupting her quality of life. ” I felt extremely relaxed during my 1st treatment; it was as if my body was in some way responding to the Bowen moves.” After her 2nd and 3rd treatments, her symptoms did not last as long after eating and, overall, she felt more confident and able to manage stressful situations. After treatments 4 and 5, A was unaware of her symptoms and looked bright eyed, healthy and energised. ‘I feel great and am so much happier now!’


Asthma and chest pain
Male, aged 34

M was diagnosed with asthma at 12 years old, was using an inhaler every morning and evening and had felt a dull ache in his chest for the past 2 years. After 1 treatment, the ache in M’s chest disappeared and has not returned since. He felt more energised, his breathing was easier and he reduced usage of his inhaler to a few times during the week. After the 2nd treatment, M no longer felt short of breath and used his inhaler only as a precautionary measure before sport. After treatment 3, M felt that his chest was clear and he was able to breathe normally. ‘It’s great – I am no longer reliant on an inhaler.’


Anxiety, panick attacks
Female, aged 56

R had been suffering from anxiety and panick attacks for 6 years. After the 1st treatment, she felt more relaxed than she had felt in years. “After my 2nd and 3rd treatments, I felt like a dark cloud had been lifted” and she was significantly less anxious. After her 4th treatment, R was carrying out everyday tasks that she had previously been unable to cope with and her anxiety levels dropped to a minimum. ‘Since my last treatment, I feel like a new person; I no longer have panick attacks and am able to cope with moments of anxiety differently. The Bowen has changed my life.’


Shoulder pain
Male, aged 27

F was unable to move his left shoulder without severe pain and was extremely tense. During the treatment, his body noticeably relaxed and, 5 minutes after the treatment, F was pain free and able to move his shoulder normally. ‘A year later, I am still pain free, after only 1 treatment.’


Female, aged 41

B had suffered from eczema on her feet and calves for 16 years; they were inflamed, itchy and sensitive to touch. During her 1st treatment, she felt deeply relaxed and that her body was changing in some way; she was aware of a pulsating sensation and her feet immediately felt less sensitive. Following her 2nd treatment, the inflammation and itchiness were very much reduced. After 3 treatments, B’s symptoms were barely visible and had gone completely during the 4th. ‘I couldn’t quite believe that, after all this time, the eczema disappeared so quickly. During my treatments, I released emotions that I had held onto for a long time. I now feel calmer, happier and no longer have eczema.’


Clawed/hammer toes
Female, aged 46

B had severe pain in both feet and clawed toes when she came to see me. She was unable to stand or walk for much time without pain and this had left her distressed and feeling helpless. During her 1st treatment, B felt calm and relaxed and the work on her feet felt good. ‘For the 1st time, I had a feeling that someone was helping my condition.’ After her 2nd treatment, the pain reduced and her toes started to straighten a little. This continued over the next few weeks and B was able to walk and stand for longer periods of time without discomfort. After her 5th treatment, her toes were much less clawed and she had only a slight ache in her feet. ‘After 8 sessions, I no longer had a problem with my feet; I can now walk for long periods without pain and go kickboxing 3 times a week! This treatment is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone.’