Candida – not just a female complaint

Characteristics: Bloating, Itchy skin, Fatigue, Food sensitivities, Thrush, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Fungal nails.

Mr. S. Age 45, came to Natural Practices complaining of fatigue, dizziness, abdominal bloating and reoccurring Athlete’s Foot. He was checked for Food Sensitivities by the ‘Health Detective ‘ Screening System which picked up sensitivities to cheese, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, yeast, mushrooms, Marmite and peanuts.

He was also out of balance in the B Vitamins and Acidophilus (good bacteria). After three months of a diet that deprives the fungus of its food, coupled with supplementation support, an anti-fungal remedy and advice on his particular lifestyle, he felt 85% better with more energy, less bloating and a steady improvement in the Athlete’s Foot.

Many people have Candida overgrowth although it can be years before it manifests itself, causing health problems. People who are suffering various symptoms often try a number of Practitioner in their quest to return to good health.

The ‘Health Detective ‘ Screening System helps to assess where some of the imbalances may lie, (which often stems from dental amalgam sensitivities). Once it is determined why the body is being held in a ‘Candida’ state, we can then tailor a programme to eliminate the root cause before embarking upon a Candida-clearing programme. By this method we have much success in returning people to vibrant health.