Blood Pressure

Mr. G, age 56, came to see me concerned that his blood pressure was too high. Before going on to medication he wanted to see if he could reduce this naturally. A vitamin and mineral test showed that he was lacking in the minerals that can help the veins to remain elastic. It also showed that he was dehydrated and lacking in essential fats. These fats naturally help to thin the blood and act as anti-inflammatories. In fact Mr. G also suffered from a stiff and painful shoulder. Iridology showed that he had a tendency to sluggish kidneys and this was taken into account when prescribing a herbal remedy specifically for him.
A dietary consultation highlighted that some adjustments needed to be made in order to help reduce the blood pressure.
Mr. G was given relevant nutrients and herbs for 6 weeks whilst he monitored his blood pressure at home. He last reported that he was managing his blood pressure through the dietary changes and the herbs.