Bio- Resonance – An Explanation

What is Bio-Resonance?


Bio-Resonance is the field of Energetic Medicine that works with electromagnetic frequency information generated in the human body.


Whereas surgery is aimed at the level of structural anatomy, and pharmaceuticals at the level of cellular biochemistry, bio-resonance works with the electromagnetic component of the human body.


Like all living things, the human body has electromagnetic frequency. Cells in the brain, for example, communicate electronically, and our heartbeats rely on electrical impulses produced by the heart tissue. Gentle currents of the electricity are natural and necessary part of the healing processes.


‘Just as lightning replenishes the Earth to keep it healthy, so too is electricity a key to the health of men.’
‘What drives life is a little electric current, kept up by the sunshine.’
Albert Szent-Györgyi (Hungarian-American biochemist, the 1937 Nobel Prize winner in physiology)


At Natural Practices, we offer bio-resonance therapy together with the Health Detective Screening System. We call these extraordinary machines the ‘Health Detectives’ as they have the ability to evaluate and treat disease before serious changes in the body tissue have taken place and before the disease becomes visible through traditional testing procedures such as blood, MRI, etc. This makes bio-resonance ideal for identifying illnesses in the early stages.


The ‘Health Detectives’:


Provide a non-invasive means of body health assessment (measuring energy profiles)
Help detox and harmonise the body, and enhance the healing processes
Have no undesirable side effects. The application is trouble-free and suitable for use with sick children
Are extremely versatile: any illness or disturbance, acute or chronic, already in progress or only at the beginning, can be addressed


They have shown excellent results with:

allergies and addictions
environmental intoxication (heavy metals, pesticides/herbicides)
circulatory heart disease
Lyme Disease
acute and chronic pain and inflammations (arthritis, sinusitis, skin conditions, etc.)
pre-operative and post-operative care
evaluation of dental material compatibility with the body chemistry*
after immunizations
high level of electromagnetic stress in the body due to the use of mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens and other electrical gadgets


“All medical practitioners and patients are faced with a common problem. If the body is to be maintained or returned to good health, accurate diagnosis is necessary. Standard medical tests are not always sufficient, since they do not account for the energy profile of the various body organs. Only by taking the energy profile into account can we see not only what is already wrong, but what is likely to develop into more manifest illness.” Dr. A. Scott-Morley, Poole, Dorset. (referring to the MORA-test and therapy)


* Please note that the MORA machine offers dental patients not only individual testing of all dental materials for compatibility but also the removal of amalgam intoxication. Inflammatory fields in the teeth, gums or other organs as chronic or acute inflammations can be identified and addressed.