Barnes Test

Considered to be 85% accurate.


To check for low body temperature using the Dr. Borda Barnes Axillary Temperature Test:


Shake down an ORAL thermometer and place it next to your bed BEFORE you go to sleep.


As soon as you wake up, place the thermometer under your armpit and leave it there for 10 minutes BEFORE getting up.


Record the temperature. If it is below normal rising temperature, which is 97.8 to 98.2 degrees F, for three consecutive days, you are likely to be hypothyroid (Menstruating females should wait until after the first day of their period before taking this test).


Temperatures of 96.6 or less almost guarantee hypothyroidism, even in the presence of normal blood tests.


A pulse of 65 or less is also suggestive of hypothyroidism when combined with the Barnes Test temperature of less than 97.8 and several of the above hypo-thyroid symptoms.


For further information about your thyroid function and to measure the gland plus the associated hormones, and to check for adrenal fatigue, please telephone us to book in for the Hormone / Vitamin & Mineral Screening.