Barium Meal



As you may know, Barium is a soft white metal and Barium Sulphate is used for investigative X-rays of the digestive system. The patient drinks a white liquid which enables the Radiologist to carry out an imaging procedure to highlight problem areas. Barium is insoluble and non-poisonous and the X-ray is carried out and then the Barium works its way through the digestive tract, to be expelled over time.


The bowel is a muscular tube and whilst the Barium is within the bowel some clients have reported more constipation, feelings of discomfort and bloating. Barium stools are white and heavy and can be difficult to flush from the lavatory pan. Months after the patient had a Barium Enema the appearance of Barium during a Colonic may be seen.


Barium Meals are necessary to rule out particular conditions and one should always follow medical advice. In numerous cases this procedure has been found to be life saving and it is important that the patient complies with instructions prior to it. Post procedure however, you may wish to get rid of the Barium as quickly as possible by undergoing Colonic Hydrotherapy.


As soon as your hospital appointment comes through, please make an appointment for a Colonic as soon as possible after the procedure.


Of course, you don’t have to wait for such extreme situations to have a Colonic. Colonic Hydrotherapy can also be useful in assisting the regulation of peristaltic action within the colon and in relieving pressure from gas.


A leaflet is available which will explain the process more fully and answer any questions you may have.


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