Battlefield Acupuncture

Battlefield Acupuncture

Fast Pain Relief Clinic

Faster than morphine with no side effects……..

 ‘Battlefield Acupuncture’ assists with pain relief and is very effective in the treatment of both long-term and recent onset pain – whether it’s back pain, head pain, or pain from chronic illness.   It works for most types of pain and can eliminate the need for pain medication for acute and chronic pain.

 The treatment uses small needles in the ear to block pain in as fast as five minutes and can last for several days or longer.  The needles interfere with the pain signals from the nerves in the ear which then enter the head, this causes an interrupt in the signal and stops the brain interpreting it as pain.

Also, due to the interrupt in the signal, it can reduce inflammation and help you get on with day to day activities without the need for strong painkillers.

There are virtually no complications and very little discomfort on application but once applied you can forget you are wearing them.  The needles look like tiny gold ear studs and have been spotted in the ears of celebrities like Penelope Cruz!

Battlefield Acupuncture has been proven by studies to work faster than morphine and has no side effects.

This treatment is perfect for pre or post operation pain or to get you through the worst of an injury.

The frequency of application and the duration of relief vary with each patient, but treatment can progress from about once a week to as little as once a month or longer and we give you tips to re-active them when the effects start to get less.  In some cases, further acupuncture treatment may not be required as when you have less pain, you can move more bringing increased circulation to the affected area and the body can get on with healing.

This treatment was originally developed by the French Neurologist Paul Nogier who developed it from Chinese Ear Acupuncture in the 1950’s.   One of his students, Colonel Heather Pickett, a doctor in the US Air Force, has used it to great effect in Iraq and on the Nellis airforce base in Las Vegas.   As a result, it is becoming well-known worldwide as “Battlefield Acupuncture”.  It is now widely used by the US Navy and Air Force for their personnel with war-related injuries and it is also used by therapists at local MMA fight events to aid fighters with new injuries to bear the pain while they either get to hospital or get home to rest and heal. 

Despite its name, Battlefield Acupuncture is not purposely designed to replace standard medical care and people must still check with their medical providers to ensure that there is no serious underlying medical condition and not assume they are healed when the pain is relieved.


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