Acupuncture testimonials

Acupuncture testimonials

Shelly – Migraines and fertility problems

I had suffered with migraines for about 3 years and they had become increasingly debilitating, resulting in a requirement to regularly take medication, which also had side effects. At the same time I had been trying to conceive for about a year, with no success.

I had thought about alternative therapy for a while and read that acupuncture had an excellent success rate with both migraine and fertility. I found the treatment incredibly valuable and actually found myself looking forward to it.

The treatment itself only resulted in minimal, short-lived discomfort which I equated in my mind to ‘hitting the spot’, and once the needles were in there was an opportunity to relax.

The treatment was always explained thoroughly so I understood exactly what we were trying to achieve and why the points were relevant to my specific problems. I also received excellent nutritional and dietary advice which had always been thoroughly researched and was specific to me.

I genuinely felt that my well-being was of utmost importance. I had an almost immediate response to the treatment with my migraines beginning to subside after a couple of treatments. Within 3 months they had completely disappeared!

I continued with the treatment more specifically aimed at fertility and now after only 4 full months of treatments I have discovered I am pregnant. The results have completely exceeded my expectations and I feel great!

I considered myself to be a healthy individual with a well-balanced lifestyle and diet, but I really benefitted from the additional boost that acupuncture gave me. I now consider acupuncture to be a genuine alternative therapy, which I would and have recommended to anyone suffering from similar problems.’

Ronnie – Long-term shoulder and back pain

‘I attempted acupuncture as I had a back and shoulder problem that I had left for years. I had tried physio and other treatments and acupuncture was suggested to me. I attended and Suzanna was very honest from the start. She predicted that the problem would take about 6 – 7 sessions and I would probably not see results within the first 3 sessions.

After the 4th session the chronic pain began to ease and my problem is now reduced dramatically. I found Suzanna to be very professional and friendly.

She was genuinely interested in dealing with my problem and provided good sound advice. She also suggested other complimentary treatments such as deep tissue massage that would assist me further.’

Vicky – Fertility problems

‘I looked into having acupuncture as myself and my husband had been trying to conceive for 6 months unsuccessfully. My cycle was every 6 weeks so I was not sure when I was ovulating, which made it harder to conceive.

I had heard acupuncture could help with infertility, so a search on the internet revealed that the Natural Practices Clinic was the nearest. At the first appointment I felt very relaxed with Suzanna. She was very professional yet understanding and reassuring at the same time.

A detailed medical history, diet and lifestyle history were taken and also a history of my menstrual cycle. From this Suzanna advised certain foods/ drinks to avoid, supplements to take and general advice on maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Some acupuncture and moxa was performed at this visit. The acupuncture is not painful, but you do feel something when the needles are in the correct position. I felt a ‘numb’ sensation for a few seconds. Moxa is something Suzanna uses that warms up and is held over your abdomen.

This is a very soothing feeling. There is relaxing music and it does make you feel most relaxed and rested. Suzanna saw me each week for an hour. Each visit she spent time talking to me to see if I had been following the things she had recommended and how I was feeling after the previous week’s treatment, etc. I am very pleased to report that my treatment with Suzanna was successful on that very cycle and I became pregnant 3 weeks into treatment.

I was absolutely delighted to become pregnant and thoroughly believe it was from Suzanna’s treatment. I have since advised a close friend to consider acupuncture for similar infertility problems. I would definitely recommend Suzanna to anyone who has been trying to conceive for a while. Acupuncture also has many other benefits for women’s health. Give it a go!’

Kez – Shoulder pain and IBS

‘Initially, Suzanna helped pin-point what could be causing the pain and how to reduce the causes. Through analysing my diet, health history and daily activities along with using effective acupuncture, she has helped me to seriously reduce my back pain.

After about 3 sessions, the treatment helped ease up the initial pains in my back. After around 6 sessions I felt my back eased up a lot and found I could reduce the intensity of the sessions and started to have a session once every month to keep on top of the problem.

The treatments I have had have involved a couple of techniques, namely cupping and massage, paired with acupuncture to fit my needs as and when more intense manipulation was needed.

Suzanna has given me advice as to how to help prevent and ease up the pain outside of the clinic. This has helped me think about my daily activities, posture and my diet.’

Jackie – Long term fertility problems

‘We were having problems conceiving and I had read that acupuncture could possibly help with fertility problems. I thought this was really good especially the nutrition advice. I always felt tired and Suzanna mentioned maybe replacing my chocolate bar in the day to nuts and fruit as chocolate gives you a high but then brings your energy down, hence the tiredness.

She also gave me advice on other healthy foods to eat. The needling was very interesting especially the fact that there are different areas to concentrate on at particular stages in my monthly cycle. I take medication for arthritis and was advised by my doctors/gynae that this was ok and wouldn’t affect fertility.

Suzanna asked me if I had tried reducing my painkillers (NSAID’s) as she thought that they could have a link to why I wasn’t conceiving. Following her advice I went from two tablets to one which left me in a little pain but the acupuncture seem to help.

I saw Suzanna for 3 months but for financial reasons I could not continue. I began to think more about what Suzanna had told me and ‘googled’ my medication to see if anything came up. Surprisingly I found there had been a link to NSAID’s and infertility and there had been reports of women stopping the drugs and conceiving within months.

I, therefore, decided to stop my medication last month and then found out I was pregnant! Whilst I am over the moon, I am also angry that this was not detected by the doctors/specialists.

I am very grateful to Suzanna for making me think about my medication.’

Judith – recurring sciatica

‘I came to see Suzanna because I couldn’t easily go back to NHS acupuncture service without going through the NHS procedure again which could have taken months. The treatment she gave me was excellent. I didn’t feel any pain and I thought she was very sympathetic and careful, and that she took detailed notes about nutrition and lifestyle.

I didn’t have such a great outcome from the treatment as I did from a previous (NHS) practitioner, but I still believe that acupuncture works for my back pain problem. The source of this pain has never been properly diagnosed, and has defeated 3 physiotherapists so far.

Some mornings I would get up early because I knew there was something I wanted to do, but by the time I was ready to go out, i.e. showered, dressed, hair dried, I was in so much pain I would have to lie down with a hot water bottle pressed against my back for up to 2 hours. My life was just being completely messed up. Now it’s under control, (with anti- inflammatories – but when it was really bad, they didn’t seem to work).

If I ever have a flare up of pain in the future I would definitely have a further course of acupuncture. Who knows why, but it really does work for me!’