Mucous Mover Combination


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Mucous is produced initially in the digestive tract so these formulas work in conjunction, supporting the bowel and liver whilst toning up the mucous membranes and enhancing the expectoration of mucous


Mucous Ease tincture – 100ml – RRP £13.99

This Tincture enhances the body’s ability to clear mucous and tones the mucous membranes for better expectoration and elimination

Ingredients:  Golden rod, Eyebright, Echinacea, Nettle, Elder berry, Goldenseal, Sage, Ground Ivy


Mucous Mover capsules – 100 caps – RRP£9.50 

These Capsules are designed to break up and aid in elimination of mucous from the body whilst toning the membranes

Ingredients:  Goldenseal, barberry, marigold, wormwood


*DO NOT USE if pregnant or suffering from high blood pressure*